The Hopinell
Friends ain't forever
You were a friend of mine
one fuckin' hard to find
I thought you were a man
but you don't give a damn

I was in front of you
but you were iptnotized
iptnotized by wild envy

you were so deaf an' numb
you thought you were the one
the only whit a brain
so my advice was fuckin vain.

You thought me..... that friends ain't a gift
you thought me..... that friends ain't a game
you thought me..... friends could be shit
you thought me..... friends ain't forever.

You' re swimmin' in tha shit
you seek my healin' hand
but I'm the first who care
for fill the swimming pool

Don't fuck with me!!!

now from on fuckin' high
I see you slowly die
inside because of pain that
kills guys without brains.

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