Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Old Memories
Old Memories rise up, like mist
Climbing slowly the marshes
Filtering through dead trees
Aiming for the clear sky

Oh god no! It was not my intention
But that's how it went!
It didn't have to be like this, but
Had to go this way…though…

Now I'm fine…time does
help, now i'm fine... time
does help, now i'm fine
First to force to don't think
Then to comprehend
Then to comprehend

All in all it always goes so
You walk togethe-e-er for a while, and then…
Then no-othing. There's no why
Why should it, be-e-e-e?
Our is a, space
Continuously changing…

Old memories come back in the mist
Like thick shadows of the past
Crawling between ruins
Nimble like leaves

God! A lot of time is gone
(Are you) still thinking a-bout it?
Yes, it's sad we'll be friends no more
…even if you know so much, of, me

Do you really think so?
It's necessary Our, space is
con-ti-nuou-sly chan-
ging Our space is con-
ti-nuou-sly chan-ging
Our space is con-ti
nuou-sly chan-ging Our
space is chan-ging my dear

After all…tanks for everything

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